One of my more recent posts on Twitter was “Show me a politician who hasn’t flip-flopped, and I’ll show you a politician who’s still wrong.” Yes, the easiest way to ensure that you’re not always right is to always insist that you’re right. To really be right, you’ve got to be willing to admit that […]

What kind of Twitterer are you?

Today, @RyanHealy asked:

If somebody isn’t following back, does that influence whether you unfollow them or not?

My first reaction was, “no, I follow people to read their tweets, not for the follow back.” I’ve always felt that unfollowing someone just because they don’t follow you back proves that […]

Ryan Lee wrote:

Ok, so Twitter is about to hit 2 BILLION tweets a month.

BUT, with all of those tweets, is your message getting lost in the masses?

As more people are following hundreds (or thousands), do they really see YOUR message?

…I use Facebook or my blog for updates.

Here’s what I thin […]

This seems like a bad move to me.

Stan Schroeder quotes John Mayer saying:

I had 3.3 million Twitter followers back in March April when I announced that I’d be predominantly posting on Tumblr, a site that takes all of 25 seconds to sign up for. Five months later I have just passed 50,000 followers, […]

Ben Parr wrote on Mashable:

Twitter is about to become a major multimedia destination, thanks to some new partners and features.

Earlier today, we reported that Twitter is bringing multimedia to the stream. If you tweet a link to a video, for example, it will be embedded and play right in the Twitter stream. Twitter […]

If you look at the homepage, you’ll see Guy Kawasaki in our top 10 list of “Fauxest Fauxlowers”. Last time we checked, he’s fauxlowing 258,250 on Twitter. If you’re one of them and you’re fantasizing think maybe you’re on some filtered list that he actually reads, you may want to close your eyes.

Click […]

Internet marketers are infamous for pushing the envelope on what customers will tolerate. On social networking sites like Twitter, pushing too hard can get you unfollowed in a flash.

A while back, I got to wondering how likely the average Twitter user was to unfollow someone based on a variety of different behaviors. So I […]

This morning, John Reese deleted his Twitter account and sent an email saying he thinks Twitter is on its way out.

Even, though, my follower count has risen, the response to my tweets has been on a steady decline. The reason is simple… There’s just more and more noise on Twitter. People are following so […]

CNN has a story today about recent phishing attacks aimed at Twitter. One former Fauxlowers member whose Twitter account appears to have been compromised (Twitter shut her down temporarily) tweeted claiming Fauxlowers was to blame. I’m not going to complain, criticize or name names — when you get hacked, it’s not always clear who did […]

I discovered this morning that Twitter had suspended the Fauxlowers app, making it impossible to join, log into, or otherwise use your account. The most likely cause: complaints about welcome DMs from people who fauxlow too many people on Twitter.

Welcome DMs have been optional since just after this site launched, and they’ve always been […]

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