The seed from which grew was planted in June, 2009, when I first tweeted the term “fauxlowers” to Harris Fellman (he used to make up “twerms” all the time). The word must have festered in my subconscious, because about a month later, I got the idea for this site.

I’ve always disliked any sort of deceptive or disingenuous marketing tactic (which is why I created White Hat Crew years ago). “Fauxlowing” thousands of people on Twitter with no intention of reading anything they tweet, hoping they’ll follow you back and read your tweets, is no exception. Is it effective? Sure, because you can do it for free (or to be more precise, Twitter foots the bill for you), so what do you have to lose?

Actually, you do have something to lose — the respect of people who didn’t realize you were a spammer.

But enough about this site — let’s talk about me! :-) My name is Antone Roundy. I’m a programmer and internet marketer (among other things, many of which you can find listed at the top of my Twitter profile background image). My company’s main website is

I live in Nebraska, but consider myself a Utah expatriate (my wife’s family lives here — mine lives mostly in Utah).