I discovered this morning that Twitter had suspended the Fauxlowers app, making it impossible to join, log into, or otherwise use your account. The most likely cause: complaints about welcome DMs from people who fauxlow too many people on Twitter.

Welcome DMs have been optional since just after this site launched, and they’ve always been […]

I’ve added a few stats to your profiles that you might find interesting. Some are numbers that you could have calculated yourself based on other numbers shown on your profile, but the change will make it easier to see what’s going on without any mental gymnastics.

The first is your follower to friend ratio. […]

Here’s the next step in the process of transforming from mildly entertaining to actually useful: tagging. You can now tag your profile with terms that describe you and use those tags to search for other members with the same tag (hint: people you may want to follow on Twitter). And if another member hasn’t […]

Just in time for the holidays, I’ve added scheduled tweets to Write your Christmas and New Years tweets now, and we’ll tweet them for you at the time you specify.

All members can schedule up to 3 tweets at a time. Once one has been tweeted, you can schedule another one.

If you’d like […]

I just published the first issue of the Social Media Influence Report. It’s a free download (yes, subscription required…unless you’re a member, in which case you can get it here).

This issue is about Twitter influencers. It analyzes the membership of to see who was able to get the most of their followers […]

After a brief discussion with Andy Beard in the comments of one of my White Hat Crew blog posts, I’ve decided to make the “welcome” direct messages that were sent to new followers optional.

There’s a checkbox to control whether DMs are sent on the settings page.

I’m leaving ’em turned on, but particularly if […]