One of my more recent posts on Twitter was “Show me a politician who hasn’t flip-flopped, and I’ll show you a politician who’s still wrong.” Yes, the easiest way to ensure that you’re not always right is to always insist that you’re right. To really be right, you’ve got to be willing to admit that […]

If you look at the Fauxlowers.com homepage, you’ll see Guy Kawasaki in our top 10 list of “Fauxest Fauxlowers”. Last time we checked, he’s fauxlowing 258,250 on Twitter. If you’re one of them and you’re fantasizing think maybe you’re on some filtered list that he actually reads, you may want to close your eyes.

Click […]

I’m an avid reader of Daniel Scocco’s DailyBlogTips.com, but today, I have to boo.

Boo! Boo! Boo!

Today, Daniel’s post titled Looking To Get More Twitter Followers? Then Check Twitfever.com announced a membership site featuring, among other things:

Follow from Profile Tool: This tool allows you to mass follow the friends or followers of […]

The following is a conversation about auto-DMs that I overheard last night in the land of make believe.

Demosthenes: Auto-DMs are the bane of Twitter. Every time I follow somebody new, I get a direct message that’s obviously automated. They clog up my direct message in-box.

Fluffy: What do the messages say?

Demosthenes: Some of […]

One of my Twitter friends surprised me this morning. Let me show you what he tweeted:

I’m not going to name the guy — I’m not here to bash anyone. The problem he suffers from is common enough: he’s following too stinkin’ many people! See that? “1,861 following”!

There are three kinds of Twitter members […]