I’ve added a few stats to your Fauxlowers.com profiles that you might find interesting. Some are numbers that you could have calculated yourself based on other numbers shown on your profile, but the change will make it easier to see what’s going on without any mental gymnastics.

The first is your follower to friend ratio. The second, which I think is more interesting, is the number of your followers who are under your fauxlower threshold.

What I love about that number is this. Let’s say you have 3,179 followers, and your fauxlower percetage is 97.5%. Yeah, ouch. You know that most of your followers are over your threshold. But how many are under it? Now you can see at a glance that you’ve only got 79 “friendlowers”. (These numbers come from an actual Fauxlowers.com member’s profile.)

One other number that’s getting added is tweet counts. I haven’t gathered the data for everyone yet, so if your tweet count doesn’t show up yet, it will soon. Tweet counts are good to know when searching for people to connect with so that you’ll know whether someone tweets too little (may not be active at all) or too much (500 tweets a day that nobody reads).

As more and more people add tags to their profiles (or have other people add tags for them), Fauxlowers.com will become more and more useful as a place to look for Twitter users to connect with. These stats will help you decide quickly where to focus your efforts.