I’ve added a few stats to your Fauxlowers.com profiles that you might find interesting. Some are numbers that you could have calculated yourself based on other numbers shown on your profile, but the change will make it easier to see what’s going on without any mental gymnastics.

The first is your follower to friend ratio. […]

Thanks to everyone who responded to yesterday’s survey! I collected a bunch of responses and created the second survey that I promised. This one asks you to rate how likely you are to unfollow someone on Twitter based on various things like whether they follow you back, the content and volume of their tweets, etc. […]

If you have about 45 seconds available, please complete this 1 question survey about why you would unfollow someone on Twitter Update: the original survey is closed. If you have…well, more than 45 seconds available, please take the survey created from the results of the first survey. Thanks!

For this survey, I’m asking you to […]

Here’s the next step in the process of transforming Fauxlowers.com from mildly entertaining to actually useful: tagging. You can now tag your profile with terms that describe you and use those tags to search for other members with the same tag (hint: people you may want to follow on Twitter). And if another member hasn’t […]

Just in time for the holidays, I’ve added scheduled tweets to Fauxlowers.com. Write your Christmas and New Years tweets now, and we’ll tweet them for you at the time you specify.

All members can schedule up to 3 tweets at a time. Once one has been tweeted, you can schedule another one.

If you’d like […]

I’m an avid reader of Daniel Scocco’s DailyBlogTips.com, but today, I have to boo.

Boo! Boo! Boo!

Today, Daniel’s post titled Looking To Get More Twitter Followers? Then Check Twitfever.com announced a membership site featuring, among other things:

Follow from Profile Tool: This tool allows you to mass follow the friends or followers of […]

For the last few days, Fauxlowers.com has been running a secret mind control experiment. Muahahahahahaha! Here’s a chart showing the results:

What the chart shows is the fauxlower thresholds for new members joining the site recently. (A fauxlower threshold is the number of people our members believe a person can follow on Twitter before it […]

I’ve just added a new stats section to the Fauxlowers.com homepage listing the people with the top 10 best follower/friend ratios. Here’s the list as of right now (the number is how many followers they have per friend):

aplusk: 16,014

HolyWords: 11,283

tonyrobbins: 5,459

TheUniKid: 3,503

matisyahu: 2,352

TEDchris: 2,231

om: 1,904

weakestlink: 1,893

englishexperts […]

I just published the first issue of the Social Media Influence Report. It’s a free download (yes, subscription required…unless you’re a Fauxlowers.com member, in which case you can get it here).

This issue is about Twitter influencers. It analyzes the membership of Fauxlowers.com to see who was able to get the most of their followers […]

How often should you tweet? How important is the quality of your tweets? Here’s my take.

As a general rule, you should tweet as often as you’ve got something worth saying. But it’s really more complicated than that. Because the more often you tweet, the higher the quality of each tweet needs to be.

Why? […]

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