Ryan Lee wrote:

Ok, so Twitter is about to hit 2 BILLION tweets a month.

BUT, with all of those tweets, is your message getting lost in the masses?

As more people are following hundreds (or thousands), do they really see YOUR message?

…I use Facebook or my blog for updates.

Here’s what I think.

Your followers aren’t seeing all 2 billion tweets, so you’re not getting lost in THAT pile.

If your followers are fauxlowers, then sure, they’re not seeing your tweets. But that’s nothing new. (It’s nice to know how many of your followers aren’t fauxlowers, for example, it looks like I’ve got 54 real followers).

I’ve recently switched to using my Facebook profile only for personal stuff, only friending people I really know (I created a “Page” for Gecko Tribe). For professional connections to people I really know, I use LinkedIn.

I follow people I want to listen to on Twitter and via their blogs’ RSS feeds. And I talk to whoever wants to listen through Twitter and on my blogs. In both cases, Twitter does the job for short messages, and the blog for long.

I don’t think Twitter will be dying anytime soon.