Internet marketers are infamous for pushing the envelope on what customers will tolerate. On social networking sites like Twitter, pushing too hard can get you unfollowed in a flash.

A while back, I got to wondering how likely the average Twitter user was to unfollow someone based on a variety of different behaviors. So I ran a survey.

I asked respondents about 41 different behaviors and calculated an “irksomeness quotient” for each from the responses. Not surprisingly, the most sure ways to get unfollowed were:

  1. have an “adult” or offensive profile photo (448 points)
  2. have an “adult” or offensive background image (436 points)
  3. tweet “adult” content (410 points)

To find out where other behaviors like tweeting ads, mostly retweeting, sending automated welcome DMs and more ended up, check out the full results of the survey in Issue 2 of The Social Media Influence Report.