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Confession: I’m a Flip-Flopping Fauxlower
One of my more recent posts on Twitter was “Show me a politician who hasn’t flip-flopped, and I’ll show you a politician who’s still wrong.” Yes, the easiest way to ensure that you’re not always ri...

Are You a Twitter Dater?
What kind of Twitterer are you? Today, @RyanHealy asked: If somebody isn’t following back, does that influence whether you unfollow them or not? My first reaction was, “no, I follow people to re...

The Death Of Twitter?
Ryan Lee wrote: Ok, so Twitter is about to hit 2 BILLION tweets a month. BUT, with all of those tweets, is your message getting lost in the masses? As more people are following hundreds (or thou...

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Fauxlowers accesses the Twitter API using Twitter-async, which was written by Jaisen Mathai, Eric Martin and somebody who goes by "arikfr".


The Fauxlowers logo parodies the Twitter "Fail Whale", designed by Yiying Lu.

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Our tagline is based on the Benjamin Disraeli quote, "there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."


We'd like to thank Twitter for providing Twitter.

Webserver Software runs on Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and who knows how many other free programs. Thanks, awesome programmers!

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Content from the blog is displayed using CaRP Evolution (written by yours truly).

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"You Can't Do That On Twitter!"

We ran a survey to find out how likely people were to unfollow someone on Twitter based on 41 different behaviors. Some of the results were surprising...

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