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Twitter ID Following Follower Ratio Tweets Tags
ChrisHusong403851.5119,780marketing, san diego, social media
BillBateman1439781.2117,554family, insurance, marketing
djschultz105820.971,721marketing, real estate, social media
doruman_62821.4220,262business online, marketing, wordpress
billrice63491.386,098marketing, mortgage, sales
snrudman65770.872,461marketing, military, training
redwed9037721.051,143business, marketing, online
webfishingwoman83440.891,009business, earn, marketing
MPFOGARTY15011.405,818advertising, chicago, marketing
AntoneRoundy2817.71853affiliate marketing, ethics, internet marketing, marketing, rss, seo, social media
dbenk3892.926,098engagement, marketing, media
BojangleComms8241.745,846marketing, small business, social media
keen_ahead49280.86842free, love, marketing, money, sex, twitter
LareenStrong1036.463,299geek, internet, marketing
odubbeldam5152.092,485marketing, travel, xbox360
Karen_Taylor27400.88866marketing, shopping, traffic
GranerCreative8351.436,483marketing, pr, socialmedia
JimAllenIII17110.827,293marketing, networking, politics
carlainsf9321.153,014marketing, pr, social media
Dr_Dawna_Wright20010.702,160austin, coach, health, marketing, mlm, networking, social media
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