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To download back issues of The Social Media Influence Report, click to join or sign in to and then come back to this page.

Here's exactly what'll happen when you join:

  1. We'll send you to to authorize our app (you can revoke our access at any time).
  2. Twitter will return you here to configure your Fauxlowers account.
  3. We'll look up your followers and calculate how many are fauxlowers*! ;-)
  4. We'll post ONE tweet with the results of our analysis to your Twitter account. (See what it'll say).
  5. OPTIONAL (you can turn this off): We'll watch your account for new followers send and them ONE "welcome" DM from you (same info as the tweet in the previous step).

More Benefits:

* You'll set the number of people someone has to be following to be counted as your "fauxlower" once you've signed up.

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Which of Your Followers Should You Be Following?

If you have more followers than you have time to follow back, you'll love this shortcut for figuring out who to follow:

  1. Create or log into your account
  2. From your settings page, click the "Check your stats" link
  3. Check the people in your "Best Followers & Fauxlowers" table -- they're likely to be your most influential and responsive followers!
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